Tips to keep in mind when considering the health information you find on the internet:

  • Internet sites and the information provided are not a substitute for seeing your medical provider.
  • Always verify the validity and accuracy of the information with your healthcare provider.
  • Verify that the information you are getting online is up-to-date.
  • Be practical. Keep in mind that if it sounds too good to be true, more than likely, it is.
  • Understand that everyone is unique and that remedies that work for one individual may create an entirely different result for someone else.
  • Never offer information that identifies you unless you completely understand the website's privacy policy.

The information presented by these links is in no way endorsed by or guaranteed by Cavalier County Memorial Hospital & Clinics for accuracy. Please exercise caution. – A CBS-managed site with more than thirty channels offering health news, important health tips, and special features. – Features a Health Library with specific health information from A to Z, the latest Health News, a Daily Online Check-Up, Directory of Health Information websites, and information on recognizing medical scams.

National Library of Medicine – Features the world's largest medical library. You will also find the MedlinePlus database of research literature.

Mayo Clinic – The famous Rochester, Minnesota institution's website features extensive information about medical conditions, diseases, emergency care, and prevention.

American Medical Association – Features current news and updates from the Association's journal as well as information on policy issues. The Atlas of Anatomy and other health information are readable and useful.

North Dakota Long Term Care Association – A professional association of community and long-term care providers who enhance the lives of people we serve through collaboration, education and advocacy.

North Dakota Hospital Association – North Dakota's association of licensed hospitals. Features information on policy issues impacting North Dakota's healthcare providers as well as links to other informative sites.

North Dakota Department of Human Services – Aging Services Division – Your one-stop connection to information about services that enhance independence, assure quality of life, and meet the unique needs of seniors and people with disabilities living in North Dakota and other states.