1890's early days

In the late 1890's, the early pioneers of Cavalier County worked together to build the Semple-Gibson Hospital—named after two of the county's early physicians. For more than a decade, the hospital continued to meet the needs of the population. Then, in 1910 and in the wake of hard times and World War I, the hospital was forced to close.

1920's era

The county went without a hospital until 1928—when Mrs. Flora Borusky, a pioneer serving maternity patients, opened the Borusky Hospital. She later turned her hospital into a home for elderly people.

1940's Era

Cavalier County citizens joined together in 1939 to help the Sisters of Mercy based in Omaha, Nebraska, to build a 28 bed facility which became known as Mercy Hospital. The Sisters found they had difficulty staffing the hospital, so in 1955 the Sisters of Presentation from Fargo, North Dakota began operating the hospital and changed the name to St. Mary's.

1970's into today

People of the area once again united toward a common goal: a county-owned hospital. With the backing of the entire county, plans were drawn up for a new facility—the Cavalier County Memorial Hospital. It opened in 1971, just four years after the initial planning began. In the following three decades, CCMH has added services from state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, mobile diagnostic services, and visiting specialists, to outpatient clinics in Langdon and Walhalla.